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Deep Tantra and Tantra Extreme

Deep Tantra

Tantra Extreme

Maintaining Your Connection
~ To The Fullness of Life ~

~Skype Seminars~


Please call 818 826-9996 to arrange your agenda and schedule
From the MENU below, please select the items that interest you:

1. Choose One:

              Clothing Optional or Nude Required

2. Demonstrations of specific techniques - choose as many as apply:

               Deep Tantra
               Tantric Massage
               Extended Yoni Massage
               Couples Kama Sutra Yoga
               Individual Training in Kama Sutra

               Couples Training in Tantra Kama Sutra
               Individual Training in Tantra Kama Sutra Kundalini Pranayama
               Contacting Your Guidance
               Trance Training
               Altered States and Visitation (please inquire about prerequisites required)
               Hands-on Healing (individual sessions are only possible in person)
               Hands-on Healing for Couples (best results require on-site training)
               Tantra Voice - Imprinting tantra into your voice-overs and recorded singing (can only be done in person and is proprietary, booking project by project)
               Guided Massage
               Guided Kama Sutra Yoga
               Guided Meditation
               Guided Tantra Kama Sutra
               Guided Kama Sutra KundaliniYoga
               BREATHWORK (several kinds are available but eclectic is the best first choice as it combines Reichian Breathworkd, Holotropic Breathwork, Rose Method Bodywork, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. as well as proprietary breathing techniques used for instant trance induction and for travelling out of body.
               EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK (see "Breathwork" above)
               Ayahuasca Journey (Peru-Requires Travel and a commitment of one week minimum, 48 hours of which are travel time)

A description of the weekend workshops
Most also applies to
Individual and Couples Skype Seminars

Following introductions, basic demonstrations are offered of several Tantric Therapy and Massage techniques, followed by guided massage where couples are simultaneously shown the techniques using two-camera documentation so they always have available visual aids as they follow along and practice in the comfort of their own home or spa.  We are available to help students set up appropriate treatment areas for their practice of TANTRIC HEALING and will work with every participant to enlist the webcam and software support they need to create an environment that supports their chosen level of interactivity and level of experience, so that everyone involved will feel safe to embark on this powerful journey of healing together, realizing from the start that no matter how challenging our own personal work might seem to be, no one is ever given challenges they cannot meet.
Note (see photo, right): Occasionally you will see the client, practitioner or both wearing tights during Tantric treatments. The use of these special tights can be instrumental in a client's healing treatment. Please read this for a complete explanation as well as a description of the psychological aspects of Tantric Therapy.
     To our knowledge most of the techniques you will learn at these Internet workshops have never been presented before, except in our live workshops in Europe, including a technique that opens most Tantra Healing sessions called "Rock In The River", which shows clearly and instantly where the body is blocked and holding Life force energy "hostage", depleting and obstructing the resources we should naturally have available.  Used at the beginning of every session, this technique is largely responsible for most Tantra Healing Treatments reaching their loftiest goals and intentions, by greatly-shortening the time it takes to resolve basic and fundamental issues that must be dealt with in every person's therapy before they can achieve more sophisticated, advanced results. Reliably and quickly, the technique identifies the location in the body of the most timely and important "issue of the day." 
     Deeper material underlying these rocks that sometimes turn out to be boulders are then drawn up to the surface using a quiver full of hundreds of "arrows" that are all of Cupid, though at the time they might feel a little sharper and more demanding.  Each arrow has been earned through hard work and hours of experience mastering several major approaches to freeing the mind,body and spirit.  Several body work techniques, almost all having to do with the emotions that must find a safe and comfortable spot to reside in the body and include the only psychiatric therapy known to work for almost every patient, Reichian Therapy, no matter what you think of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who invented the method, several other pranayama-intensive techniques as well, including Grof Holotropic Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and many that cross the threshold into what I call "Body meditation", such as 85-year-old Marion Rosen's Method that I was lucky enough to partake of when she cured me in 20 minutes of that which I had labored in the fields of talk therapy for 20 years prior to her simply putting her hand over my heart and asking the right question. 
     There are others as well, such as my first therapist's invention, Gestalt Therapy. I was a teenager at Esalen, when Fritz Perls worked through some of his most powerful techniques using our motley little therapy group.  At one point he jumped into my lap and shouted into my face, "What's really going on in there?", a question I'm still trying to answer. 
     From the supposed hazards of rebirthing to the flamboyance of Primal Scream and dangers of Co-counselling, Rock in the River has no such drama, except that it occupies the most powerful position in all of Tantric Healing: The beginning.  It could be this quiet, patient technique derives its power from such simplicity and timing, provided simply by the importance of its geographical placement, at the forefront of every session, in a position to shortcut through to the gist, saving not only time but precious energy with the potential to do some fancy footwork while seeming to just stand there, replacing discouragement and frustration with excitement, even exaltation. 
     Yet it is the essence of humility, such a quiet, homely little technique that I sometimes nearly forget to take the time to employ its brilliance.  It is always at these moments that I remember every Tantra Teacher is only as good as his last session and the simpler and more powerful the technique, the more it requires, as this one does, the practitioner to be centered, grounded, patient and with the cleanest of intentions.  tears wasted time and tears and which I know to only be practiced in this Original Tantra Technique that combines Kundalini, Kama Sutra, True Tantra (including Tantra Extreme and Deep Tantra).  But the beginning technique, which is only practiced in Original Tantric massage, is the one technique that accounts for the quick movement of every session to a place of conclusion and successful resolution of issues, with a clear direction for the next, if another treatment is needed. This is the practice that also lead to other techniques that will be demonstrated, including the Extended Yoni Massage and Kama Sutra Tantric Yoga.
     Included in the workshop will be several opportunities for interactive report backs where couples may demonstrate their progress during the weekend and have questions answered. We are designing this workshop to be as close to the live workshops we have been leading the past ten years in Switzerland and although this Tantra is powerfully out of the ordinary it is also guaranteed that each couple will come away with the ability to transcend ordinary waking consciousness and move into higher realms, with their partners rather than in spite of them, as often happens in our daily lives and relationships, and the ability to merge their consciousness, creating a lasting bond. It this effect that earned the Swiss workshops their nickname, "The Couples Glue", which sounds better in both French and Swiss German! Couples on the verge of calling it quits after years of trying, walked away looking like young lovers, and couples who met at the workshops looked like they'd known each other all their lives.
     We are sure it is possible to achieve results as profound and life-changing using the Internet. The treatments are so powerful that several clients have received miraculous healings in recent years, including the total remission of chronic illnesses that had defied doctors for years. As Wilhelm Reich, M.D., colleague of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, theorized at the turn of the century, "All healing, emotional and physical, requires the free and unimpeded flow of orgone energy (from the root, "orgasm")."


One-hundred years later, we are proving his theory regularly. The workshop will use multiple cameras for a better view of demonstrations than can be achieved at live workshops, especially of the energy flow and minute movements of the expanded yoni massage, which is impossible to show in its entirety as much of the massage takes place inside the vagina. It is difficult to see, without being present live, the erotic energy vortex the treatments create and that are responsible for healing, but the feedback from individual webcams and the fact the energy is being developed and can be seen, the techniques followed precisely, assure that the home experience will be as powerful and the energy will be developed there as well. Therefore couples need to expect that they will experience more powerful orgasms than they have previously experienced, and for this reason the workshops will be held on a secure server with no possibility of anyone hacking into the signal or receiving it unless they are registered for the conference.

True Safety

Couples will have a chance to meet prior to the workshop since one of three requirements for successful tantric massage and treatments is actual safety as the body is exquisitely tuned to feel for whether it is truly safe and this is one sensitivity we teach as well. The other two requirements are endless patience and the unconditional love that requires and that no personal agenda be brought to the session on the part of the healer. There are other attributes that also help and that will be taught at the workshop, the main one being precise sensitivity both emotionally and physically so that your hands or whatever other part of your body is being used to massage and activate your mate, is tuned in to their needs fully and accepting as much information as possible, as well as communicating unconditional love, including unconditional eros.

~ Deep Tantra and The Love Vortex ~
Charisma, Sex Appeal and Desirability

Professional tantric treatments create what can best be described as a "Love vortex" that almost always results in full-body multiple orgasms not just now and then but reliably in every session. Couples can expect their own work will do the same at the workshops, even though they are not actually i the room with other couples or the leaders, where it is always part of the experience. The use of cameras will help get you there and allow you to share your experience for others to learn from, as well as to see and learn from your skills and give you positive feedback about your work, including your desirability, which has no correlation to your physical beauty as defined by magazine covers, but in this work is always perceived positively, just as we regard any other of nature's flowers as it opens to the sun. The cameras will also help you show any areas that need attention and lastly, though required to attend the workshop, there is no requirement to "perform" in any way on camera. Furthermore they will be safe, and we are currently looking for an advisor who can help us set up software that allows couples to view and transmit video while choosing whether or not to allow the recording of their images.

Images of Flowers Blooming...

A special feature of the Internet workshop, always popular at our European workshops, are report backs, where couples have a chance to demonstrate problems or successes in carrying out their Friday and Saturday night at-home assignments. These  reports will be able to be presented on tape the next day or shown live to the group on their live webcam(s).

Guided Massage + Two-Camera Demonstrations
And Introducing Kama Sutra Yoga...

Also included will be guided massage, the cornerstone of the Swiss workshops and the key to a deeper understanding of how tantra can work for you and your mate. With two cameras n our studio showing the demonstrations close-up, it will be even easier to follow and achieve powerful results than in the live workshops. Guided meditations will also be more powerful with the imagery and music we have prepared but the most intensive, unique and powerful work will be the second day, when we introduce couples to Kama Sutra Yoga, which we developed in Switzerland over ten years working with couples learning and practicing the original and heretofore secret Tantra asanas and one by one integrating the sutras from the ancient Indian text, the Kama Sutra.


Although Original Tantra practice makes "breaks" between male orgasms unnecessary, the Internet workshop will allow for more frequent breaks than live workshops, adding even more of the all-important "Patience" necessary to achieve "Goddess Response"-quality orgasms and healing. I personally proved the medical sexual experts wrong who say a man can only have one orgasm at a time. Not with any preconceived intent, I attended one of Stan Grof's Holotropic Breathing workshops to find out what his work was like, since I had been told he was doing some of the same things that I was teaching. At the workshop I met a doctor of psychology who I was attracted to and we decided to be partners at the workshop the next day, being each others' "sitters". At a point during my breathing time - a few hours of breath of fire that puts you in an alternatively-conscious state, I asked her to lie on top of me and proceeded to have an orgasm that lasted about 20 minutes. I was told later that Dr. Grof watched the whole thing and I do remember looking up to see him staring in disbelief wondering, I imagined, whether to not to stop this outrageous display! Dr. Stanislav Grof is the famous Czech psychiatrist who was the last to have a license to use LSD in his practice and when it was revoked, developed Holotropic Breathing as a substitute to achieve a similar alternate state of consciousness.
     Like Dr. Grof's workshops, our advanced workshops do not need breaks and often we will go for an entire afternoon of six hours or m ore in constant alternative consciousness accompanied by multiple full body orgasms for one or both partners alternating (at our workshops, not at Holotropic workshops, since they are not focused on Tantra).


But these first Internet workshops are designed for beginners as well as advanced students, and will therefore benefit from the frequent breaks, important while learning this powerful form of spiritual and emotional development. As you can read in other articles on this site, PATIENCE is perhaps the single most important requirement of this work. Through patience, many of my female clients reach their first intensive full-body orgasm in seconds of beginning a treatment and some have even had orgasms that were the result of another phenomenon, contagion. Orgone energy is highly contagious and because I run so much of it in my body, from the age of sixteen I have had many clients and students who were surprised, some shocked, that they had orgasms upon touching me and today many new patients upon meeting me, experience their first powerful full-body orgasm during our first perfunctory social "hug", even though it is non sexual.


We are confident these workshops will be successful and are planning next year's Internet workshops to be "broadcast" live from cities close to this year's participants' homes. They will also be invited to participate in the planning and organization of their local workshops and will be offered the first choice of individual treatments both before and after the workshop. Individual healing treatments are not for couples only, in fact, we rarely offer them to couples, but mostly to individuals. There will be eleven monthly workshops from July, 2011 to July 2012, with the exception of December and their location will depend to a large extent upon where this year's participants live. However, because of our connections in these cities, there will probably be workshops in Zurich, Paris, London, New York, and Stockholm or Helsinki. There will also be one or two in central and south America.
     If you are interested in being invited to attend the internet workshops or in organizing and sponsoring local workshops in your area, please send an email to Big Sur Tantric Masseur via this site.

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